Y5 Media pursuing the vision of free public wi-fi in a sustainable business model in which end user and hotspot owner mutually gain out of this. The public wi-fi advertising network delivers your adverts to most relevant locations, such as cafes, malls, public places and staff communities. Display your adverts via banners, videos, survey and feedback form during the login process of wi-fi network. Follow up and retarget your potential customers with SMS and email marketing campaigns gives you fair advantage over traditional and other digital advertising mediums. Y5 Media hardware independent advertising platform is the ideal opportunity for commercial venues to promote their products and services over the guest wi-fi or earning regular income by becoming one of the publishers of our wi-fi AD Network.


Y5 Advertisement
Largest wi-fi Advertisement Network with more than 5,000 hotspots including cafes, malls, transport, public places and staff communities across UAE. Delivering more than 3 million impressions every month and giving 300% more conversion than any other digital advertising platform including Google, social media and display networks. Our wi-fi ads are the fairest ads possible where user gets free access to the Internet in exchange for attention to your product or service.


Y5 Marketing
Y5 Marketing platform designed to deliver customer behavior analytics and actionable insights for marketing departments to get customer demographics, interests, peak times, locations and visit frequency. All in one wi-fi solution creating a centralized, user friendly and scalable platform. Promote your products, share the special offers, not only provides the social authentication ask your customers for feedback and design your captive portal as per your branding requirements. Integrated email and SMS modules will give you the opportunity to retarget your customers based on their interests.


Define your daily budget & pay only for impressions you receive.

That is as detailed as GEO, OS, browser and traffic source.

Campaign Management

Track, analyze & optimize campaigns straight from the dashboard

Banner advertising, video, SMS, email, questionnaire and gift voucher promotions

Targeted Ads
Flexible targeting allows you to set up an advertising campaign in such a way that the views of your offer are exclusively the target audience.

Premium Locations
Covering all premium, high traffic, and quality Wi-Fi hotspots. Target the customers range which was never easy before without any big advertising outdoor budgets.

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