While the natural healing properties of regular honey have been appreciated across the globe, the antibacterial levels present in high MGO honey make the medicinal health benefits of Manuka honey far more potent.

Manuka Honey is fast acquiring a formidable reputation as a remedy for the treatment of wounds, abrasions, cuts, and scars.

The MGO in this medicinal honey plays the role of healer-warrior fighting against germs and limiting their presence on the wound surface or in facial cold sores.

Manuka Honey Benefits for Wounds

Some doctors have begun using it in clinical settings as it has proved to be effective in treating simple and painful wounds in controlled tests.

Bandages soaked in raw and highly potent manuka are applied on wounds, in particular wounds and cuts that result from infections and injuries. The U. S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has recently approved these infused bandages for prescription and over-the-counter sales.

The powerful antimicrobial compounds – methylglyoxal and hydrogen peroxide – work on the wound in a dual treatment mode. It disinfects the wounds and draws away moisture. In doing so, it prevents existing bacteria from thriving and new bacteria from reinfecting your cut or sore.

In addition to this, the low pH levels of honey and the presence of sugars (glucose and fructose) hamper the spread of bacteria in your skin. This gives your wound time to heal and new tissue to form over the dead cells.

Astoundingly, strong MGO activity in manuka encourages healing at a much faster rate than expected from a natural remedy. The purity and potency of the honey you use will have a bearing on the restorative process.

Severe cuts, scarring, and skin conditions would require the presence of higher levels of MGO in manuka for the treatment to be effective.

For this reason, we recommend medicinal and superior-grade Manuka honey for reduced symptoms and distinct signs of healing. Our Manuka Honey MGO 1717+ gently sanitizes the wound, soothes the pain and inflammation, and promotes rapid healing.

Manuka Honey Benefits for Healing Scars

For medicinal use and to treat ordinary wounds and scarring, Manuka Honey should possess minimum activity. Some varieties are stronger than others in terms of MGO content and antibacterial activity.

The antioxidants in Manuka have an important role to play in reducing the intensity of age and stress-related spots. Regular application of manuka on surgery scars can help diminish the mark and allow it to fade off.

Looking to get rid of those blemishes on your face? Add our Biosota Manuka Honey MGO 1200+ to your medicine box as it makes a perfect natural topical antiseptic and cleanser.

Medicinal Manuka Honey – MGO Grades Explained

Premium medicinal Manuka honey is defined as high-grade MGO Manuka honey that is scientifically tested for its curative compounds such as antioxidants, bioflavonoids, and immune-boosting enzymes.

This honey presents higher levels of MGO (Methylglyoxal) when compared to table-grade Manuka honey and is naturally bio-active with anti-bacterial, antimicrobial, antiseptic, and anti-inflammatory properties for the holistic prevention and treatment of various health ailments.

Commonly known uses include burns, wounds, infection, oral care, ulcers, gut health, cold & flu, sore throat, cough, immunity building, general well-being, and beauty and skincare.

The higher the MGO number of the Manuka Honey, the stronger its antimicrobial bioactivity levels and the more potent the natural medicinal benefits.

The MGO levels of Biosota’s high-strength medicinal Manuka honey ranges are regularly tested and verified authentic by independent accredited laboratories both in Australia and New Zealand.

How to Use and Apply Medicinal Manuka Honey

Medicinal Manuka honey usage and dosage suggestions made are based on our own direct experience, from feedback received and collated from real customers, and from the latest published scientific journals and research papers.

Dosage and individual results may vary. Please consult your healthcare provider before beginning any treatment and if symptoms persist. (Allergy advice: honey should not be consumed by children under the age of 1 and people with allergies to honey and bee products).

How to use Manuka Honey for Burns & Wounds

Superior Strength Manuka Honey MGO 1000 – 1900 (RARE)

For topical application for a burn, wound, or infection liberally apply a superior-grade medicinal Manuka honey directly to the affected areas. Cover with a clean and sterile dressing: bandage, gauze, compress, or cling film (optional). Leave overnight and change the dressing when saturated, or as needed.

At Biosota Organics, our passion lies in the natural healing power of Manuka honey.

Our premium Australian Manuka Honey is cultivated by nature with a whole lot of science and love as our secret ingredients.

Disclaimer: Statements made have not been evaluated by the TGA (Australian Therapeutic Goods Administration) or FDA (U.S. Food & Drug Administration). Products sold are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Manuka honey is not intended to be a substitute for other medicines or advice and is best used in conjunction with any existing treatment plans. Please consult your healthcare professional before beginning any treatment. For all of the science-backed and evidence-based information on the natural healing properties of medicinal-grade Manuka honey, please refer to the latest published Manuka Honey research and use at your own discretion.


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