Why WPC Products are Eco-Friendly

1.     Recycled Sawdust:

MATECO WPC products contain 30% of wood powder. This wood powder is made from recycled sawdust which would otherwise end up in a landfill. The product is aim to provide the closest wood-like feeling but does not require cutting down a tree to make it.


2.     No Harmful Substance

Products from all product lines do not contain or emit any harmful substance such as heavy metals, or formaldehyde.


3.     Good Thermal Insulation Performance

Thanks to the foaming process and physical characteristics of the combination of wood and PVC plastic, the product has good thermal insulation performance which will help to save energy in an indoor environment where in use of air conditioning.


4.     Green Production Process

During the production process which involves mixing – pelleting – extrusion – fine cutting – packaging, there is no pollutant or harmful by-product being produced.



5.     Product Recycling

Wall or ceiling decoration products that have been installed may be torn down frequently in commercial areas for style changing or other reasons. After tearing down, our WPC products can be participated again in the production process and help to form the new product. This recycling process could decrease the waste of resources.



6. Sound Absorption

The porous structure that is created during the foaming process has helped the product to have good sound absorption performance. This would help to reduce noise pollution in the environment.






: Heavy Metals refer to soluble Pb, Cd, Cr, and Hg.

: Test result of formaldehyde content shows not detectable.


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