Why do you need Laravel Developers

Laravel is an open-source framework designed using Symfony PHP framework. It is a back-end development framework; hence, app development companies use this framework to create a robust and high-performing back end of:-

  • Static and dynamic website 

  • Android app development

  • E-commerce website and mobile application.

  • Desktop application development

Laravel is an advanced mode of CodeIgniter that adheres various advanced features to employ in web development. Based on the software design architecture of Model-View-Controller Laravel, Developers use the following characteristics in the development life cycle of an application:-

  • A set of twenty built-in libraries and modules enhance the app development process. Additionally, the composer dependency manager is embedded into each module, making updates easier.

  • Laravel facilitates developers to test the development process through various test cases. As a result, it provides fully-tested and bug-free application development.

  • Routing of Laravel platforms enhances the app’s performance.

  • Eloquent facilitates direct access to the database through a query builder.

  • Schema builder prevents the app design from unauthorized access and changes.

  • Blade Template, through block design format, provides robust and faster web development.

  •  It provides addition and modification of dynamic rich content and sends and receives emails from web applications.

Laravel offers a variety of exciting features and tools. These tools, including ORM, CLI, Routing, and many others, enhance Laravel development’s usability. As a result, a need to hire Laravel developers are still in demand for web and app development. In such circumstances, app importance of the Laravel platform for end-user is underneath:-

  • Laravel improves the loading time of the web; as a result, Laravel applications are quick.

  • With mail services, Laravel integrates, easing the sending and receiving of emails.

  • Redis and Memcached are two systems that Laravel integrates with for back-end caching.

  • Websites built with Laravel are safeguarded by security measures that prevent SQL injection, cross-site scripting, and forgery.

It is clear that in the growing age of CMS development, Laravel development is still in trend and beneficial for end-users and dedicated Laravel Development Companies.   

Difference between Laravel and CMS development

  • Laravel is a PHP-based framework, but CMS is a Content Management based System.

  • However, both CMS and Laravel platform are compatible with eCommerce app development, but among them, CMS won the race as it uses WooCommerce-based E-commerce.

  • CMS provides more flexible and custom application development, but since Laravel is compatible with Linux and PHP, it provides robust and high-performing app development.

  •  CMS development platforms offer a wide range of Plug-ins. These plug-ins facilitate developers to make SEO-friendly applications, but unfortunately, Laravel doesn’t provide such plug-ins.

  • Security is the biggest concern for every application, and Laravel, based on Linux and PHP, wins the battle of security.

It is understood that between both app development platforms, somewhere, Laravel wins the race, and somewhere CMS like WordPress, Joomla, etc. In such circumstances, it is beneficial for you first to be assured of your requirements; after that, contact with web development company offering servicing in your required domain.

To hire Laravel developers, you can find them from online job portals or app development companies that deal in dedicated developers outsourcing.

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