wholesale Spout Pouch



wholesale Spout Pouch Product Description Spouted Liquid Stand Up Pouches are designed for packaging and carrying many types of liquids, regardless of their viscosity. The benefits of the spout on the stand-up pouch are manifold. First of all, because the structure and design of the stand-up pouch provides stability, it can easily store liquid upright without risking spillage. In addition, the nozzle on the stand-up pouch makes it very user-friendly to unscrew and close the lid. The advantage of this is that it provides additional insurance, even if the stand-up pouch itself is dumped, your liquid products will not overflow. Last but not least, the nozzle on the stand-up pouch can precisely control the amount discharged from the container.聽聽 In order to ensure the quality of the nozzle bag, we will check the physical properties of its composite material, check its barrier properties (oxygen transmission rate, water vapor transmission rate), check whether the nozzle bag spout is sealed, check the shape of the nozzle bag , design and size.聽wholesale Spout Pouch website:http://www.juxinflex.com/spout-pouch/.


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