Which is better, ocean shipping or air freight?

Which is better, ocean shipping or air freight?


There are two primary choices for shipping across great distances, for as from Canada to the UAE. These possibilities include

air freight and sea freight. Despite having the same aim, they each have quite diverse effects. Compared to air freight, sea freight has a

lower carbon impact. Sea freight takes longer than air freight.

Tips for Shipping: Ocean vs. Air

 When considering air and ocean space, go with a trustworthy forwarder who has the support of several carriers. These often

have block space agreements with airlines flying on significant trade lanes and set allocations for ocean freight.

 You are undoubtedly well aware of how difficult it might be to contact your forwarder in an emergency. When you don't need it,

service is one of those things that doesn't seem all that vital, but when something goes wrong, it becomes the only thing that

counts. Select a forwarder with a proven track record of providing top-notch customer care to businesses of all sizes.

 Data has thankfully made its way onto the market. Choose a forwarder that values data utilization and who makes it simple for

you to comprehend and digitally access that important information at any time of the day. This will assist your company in

lowering expenses, making wise judgments, and playing the long game.

Factors must be taken into account when choosing the optimal method of freight transportation for a particular shipment, and

frequently, corporations choose a mix of both ocean and air transportation. Regardless of a company's size, a data-driven forwarder

with a client-first attitude is the key to reliable, profitable freight shipments.

What you can ship by sea

By sea, almost any kind of goods may be carried. Intermodal containers are the most used form of transportation. A cargo or

container ship is the main mode of transportation for an intermodal container. It can hold a range of package types, including

pallets, drums with spill containment trays, boxes, crates, and pallets.

Because intermodal containers may be used on both land and water, they are a very effective means of moving commodities. They

are simple to store aboard a vessel due to their rectangular design. Additionally, they may be accepted and transported without

modification by land vehicles like as railroads and semi-trailer trucks.

What You Can Ship by Air

Unit Load Devices are specialized containers that can transport tiny goods, parcels, and boxes on all air freighters. A ULD is a naval

intermodal container's air freight equivalent. There are several sizes and varieties available, each suitable for various airline cargo


Forklifts cannot, however, enter or depart the cargo hold of a conventional cargo plane since there is not enough room for them to

do so. Electric rolling tracks on the cargo hold floor, on the other hand, are used to transport freight in and out. Super-transporters

are able to transport specialized extra-large bulk items, including tiny airplanes, automobiles, trucks, large drums, and massive

vehicle parts. 

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Shipping Method

Each delivery technique has benefits and problems of its own. These are the main things to think about.

 Shipping costs: For all uses, sea freight is often far more economical than air freight. A World Bank research found that the price

of air freight might be up to 16 times higher than that of ocean freight. Sea freight provides amazing prices if you're seeking for

the most affordable method of shipping abroad.

 Speed: The quickest way to transport things is by air. Air cargo normally takes five to ten days to arrive at its destination, seldom

taking longer than two weeks, even when all potential delays (customs inspections, route, etc.) are taken into consideration.

How PDS Can Help with Air Freight vs. Sea Freight

You should now be fully informed on the differences between transporting freight by sea and by air. In conclusion, air freight is

fantastic for businesses that require quick, accelerated transportation. On the other hand, companies who wish to reduce shipping

costs and send bulkier commodities like furniture should choose sea freight.

Despite the advantages and disadvantages of all shipping options, air freight and sea freight can get your goods from point A to

point B. But what if you were able to ship using a platform that provides huge discounts?


Additionally, you'll have access to features and advantages that will enable you to expand your business internationally. Instant

access to the following is provided to you:

 Global Fulfillment Network: PDS distributes to more than 220 nations, enabling businesses to reach clients all around the world.

Additionally, retailers may be nearer to their clients thanks to warehouse partners on four continents.

 All-One-Dashboard: In one location, manage all of your orders and create shipping. In addition, you may sync straight from your

E-Commerce store or upload CSV s.


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