Understanding Types of Websites and their Applications

Understanding Websites and its most common Types?

The website is a page made up of a collection of linked pages on the World Wide Web that contains data about a certain subject and may be viewed by using a browser to go to the homepage of the website. On the internet, anyone may create and construct their own websites for any type of organization, business, or government.



Types of Website:

Today, there are billions of websites available on the internet for business development. After reading this article, you’ll have the resources, advice, and know-how you need to create an outstanding website that stands out from the competition. The website is further divided into other types, including:


1.    E-commerce Website: An e-Commerce website is an online store where customers may place orders and pay for their purchases. A dynamic website that combines a blog and a corporate website is an e-commerce website.


The website helps the customer obtain their preferred products that are difficult to find in the market.


2.    Blog Website: A blog is a crucial component of a website that helps to increase its visibility. The process of uploading articles, photographs, and videos is routine.


A key component of search engine optimization is blog posting. The blog helps the website rank higher in Google’s search results and draws in the intended audience.


3.    Informational Website: Informational and unique website is particularly helpful. In today People do not visit libraries and take out books for basic information. They only go and a quick search on Google to find their answers. 

A website is a group of pages that delivers some information, knowledge, and values to the audience.


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4.    Online Community Website: Online community website vibrant social platform in the world. Online community website includes the group of peoples those who use the internet with the same interest to communicate. Like: sharing photos, messaging, etc.


There is Some Live Example of Online Community Websites:

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Twitter
  • Pinterest


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5.    Corporate Website: Website is one most effective marketing tool that why in today’s marketplace, every corporate organization has started developing their website often to get customer attention.



There are some advances features that should in every Corporate Website are:

  • Portfolio Section
  • Services Delivered
  • Whatsapp Integration
  • Content should eye-catching
  • Attractive Fonts with matching colors
  • Visible Contact information
  • Easy to Navigate
  • Testimonials
  • Responsive Website
  • Social Media Integration


So, the actual cost of website depends upon multiple factors: platform we choose layout type, functionality, etc.


6.    Brochure Website: The best other novel ideas are brochures, which function similarly to internet business cards. These websites often serve as a platform for promoting contact information, services, industries served, and other information.


A brochure is essentially a PDF file that is simple to download and provides useful.



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