Types of outdoor lighting

Types of outdoor lighting

External lighting is used in many different professional fields, and varies according to its use, installation, method of sale, price, in addition to the method of manufacture. The following are the most prominent types and the most important information about them:


This type provides a wide illumination range that illuminates hidden corners and large spaces, often protecting the area from theft or vandalism, and LED flashlights last longer and consume less energy than flashlights that use halogen or fluorescent lamps It is also common to use spotlights in the following places:

Car parks and driveways.

Large outdoor yards.

Sports stadiums

Outdoor venues.

Floodlights also help to fortify the house, by illuminating the main paths in the outer yard, which detects any suspicious movements in the place, shows the entry of any strangers into the house, helps in the possibility of using the outdoor yard safely at night, and facilitates movement in the dark, such as installing outdoor lights On walkways and stair railings.

landscape lighting

This outdoor lighting is a comprehensive type that covers large areas, and highlights the energy and natural beauty surrounding the house, by highlighting the aesthetic points and lighting the paths, and creating a distinctive aesthetic for the place, as it is possible to highlight a tree in the backyard, or on some Distinctive architectural details, or on the outdoor pool.

They are also used in the entrances to homes, in the terraces of office buildings, in public places, and in balconies overlooking the landscape.

Motion sensor illumination

This type of outdoor lighting is used after it is installed with a motion sensor made up of small electronic pieces that capture infrared waves that show radiation when objects are moving, and when the motion sensor captures a large amount of heat radiation found in animals, cars, or people, the lights automatically light up 

This type of lighting is used in corridors, entrances, and exits, and is usually intended to maintain the safety of the place and is not widely used


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