Top food catering services in Kerala

At Ruchi, we work hard to make every client’s experience unforgettable. With traditional Keralan delicacies, we have a long history of providing catering services in Kerala. We take great satisfaction in producing foods that are both wholesome and delectable as one of the best caterers in the city. Each meal on our menu is modified to meet your specific requirements while staying inside your spending limit. For your unique event, our chefs will collaborate with you to design a personalised menu. All you have to do is show up and have fun because at Ruchi Catering, we make sure that every little detail is taken care of, from the cuisine to the service. 

We take great pride in providing Keralan customers with catering services that focus on traditional Indian food. We have the ideal menu for you whether you’re organising a sizable event, getting together with friends and family, or simply searching for a delectable lunch choice. Our consumers adore us because we: -Offer Kerala catering services that are focused on serving real Indian food 

Provide takeaway choices so that customers can enjoy their cuisine straight away and prevent dirty dishes. -Offer catering service on weekends as well as throughout the week. 

Additionally, we receive positive feedback from our devoted customers who believe we deliver a top-notch experience at a reasonable cost about our catering service in Kerala. 



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