The Latest Wardrobe Design Ideas For Your Home

Openable Wardrobe By VMS Tradelink

Bedroom wardrobe design has greatly improved in form from simple wooden ones. One can not find just one design to fit every bedroom. They now come in various designs, are very sleek and modern and offer more storage, besides being made from various materials, such as wood and glass. Some of these wardrobes change in design every year, complementing the look and finish of the bedroom.

2022 is defined by a clean, minimalist look, clutter-free and better-organized spaces. The modern wardrobe design for the bedroom has become as important as the designs of other spaces in the home. With a good wardrobe design, you can start your day stylishly and in trend.

If you’re considering renovating, here are some of the latest wardrobe design ideas you can choose from to give your bedroom new life and change.

* Hinged door wardrobes

Hinged door wardrobes have doors that are attached to the wardrobe frame. When its doors open, you are given a full view of the wardrobe’s contents. The doors open outward into the room and do not take up the storage space of the wardrobe. You can place hooks inside the door, where you can hang your scarves, belts and other things.

* Walk-in wardrobes

Walk-in wardrobes are popular, although it depends on the space you have in your bedroom. If you have ample space in your room, then you can go ahead with installing a walk-in wardrobe. As the name suggests, you walk in to have a good view of your clothes and accessories. Walk-in wardrobes make your things more organised.

If your bedroom space is limited, but you want a walk-in wardrobe, get in touch with VMS Tradelink, as we have some great options.

* Sliding door wardrobes

Sliding wardrobe designs also offer storage options that can save you more space. This design idea will give a more modern look to your bedroom. Different variations ranging from wood and glass panels are available, and you can have the design you want for your room. Besides, many sliding doors have remote control features that won’t leave you behind. With this modern feature, you will be moving with the world to the future.

* Free-standing wardrobes will be great if you change your home layout now and then. This design also suits people who move from one place to another because of work-life. If your room ceilings are high, the top of the wardrobe can give you more storage space.

So, those are some of the latest wardrobe design ideas you can choose to have in your bedroom. Whichever fits your lifestyle, get in touch with VMS Tradelink. Our customer care representatives would be happy to discuss this project with you.


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