The advantages of digital freight forwarders for the current supply chain

The advantages of digital freight forwarders for the current supply chain

The global supply chain market has been aggressively catching up with the digitalization trends that have swept most other sectors in recent years. Instead of conducting them manually through phone conversations, emails, and excel sheets, the leading freight forwarding businesses are attempting to automate their fundamental activities.

Furthermore, it has become crucial for you as an independent freight forwarder to automate your operations and provide your company a more customer-focused approach in an era where the majority of clients book a cargo or get a quote on the go via their mobile devices. We’ll talk about the function of digital freight forwarders and how they’re causing the whole supply chain to undergo a digital revolution in today’s post.

Who are digital freight forwarders?

The majority of the back-office operations in the shipping sector are now being carried out on internet platforms. As a freelance freight forwarder, you must now decide which platform provider will enable you to completely replace the outdated approaches to freight administration. Digital freight forwarders or online freight forwarders are those freight forwarders who employ cutting-edge technology and top-notch platforms to carry out various components of a shipping operation.

Traditional and digital freight forwarders have different business models.

·        Customer service

Even now, buyers must communicate with a number of shippers and wait a few days before getting a quote. They must then compare the estimates and select the most affordable one. However, digitalization will enable you to employ quote creation systems to boost back-office productivity and lessen consumer pain points.

·        Tracking and tracing of shipments

Without technical assistance, neither you nor your customers know the ETA or the status of the cargo. You and your customers will be able to view the whereabouts of the goods at any moment thanks to shipment tracking. You may use it to find out the precise location of both arriving and leaving cargo. You can track freight timings, reroute goods, and give clients real-time updates on the cargo status using the cargo tracking systems. Tracking software helps boost your business’ productivity while also encouraging a customer-centric strategy. The digital forwarders that keep on top of the game allow their clients to trace their domestic and even international freight.


Why are independent forwarders striving to automate their businesses at an increasing rate?

The danger posed by international corporations is one very significant element driving the logistics sector to adopt the technology. The leading companies in our industry are digitizing every element of their business for better customer support. This is the exact reason why every participant in the market is attempting to leverage technology to conduct their daily operations more effectively. Simply said, if you’re a freelance freight forwarder, you must automate your business processes to stay ahead of the competition.

The necessity of the hour is to become a digital freight forwarder. This has become even more crucial because the majority of your current and future clients undoubtedly perform all of their searches and purchases online. In addition, a variety of software is available that enables regular client interaction. Simply said, you have to implement a digital approach that is better suited to the client’s habits. Put yourself in the position of your consumer and determine the kind of services they will look for from your business. The next step is to take the necessary actions to change your company’s consumer-facing strategy.

Although the worldwide pandemic has forced it to adopt technology, the transportation and logistics sector was rather slow to respond to the urge for digitalization. Most significantly, the old model of its operations has been upset by the development of technology. This is why you need to use digital services to open up new doors for success.

Advantages of digital freight forwarding

·        Quicker quoting process

Additionally, through the website for consumers, where multiple prices can be quickly and easily compared, your customers may virtually complete all the logistical operations themselves. Most essential, clients are more inclined to schedule a shipment with your organisation when they receive an immediate answer to a price request.

·        Centralized data storage

You can centrally store all the shipping-related data thanks to digitization. As a result, there is less or no chance of delays or missed pickups. Your ability to serve clients is therefore considerably improved. Additionally, it promotes a culture of improved accountability and trust among a company’s stakeholders. Last but not least, this promotes cooperation by enabling businesses to share papers with other parties, including bills of lading, invoices, and other paperwork.

·        Shipment tracking

The location and status of the goods are updated for you and your clients through shipment tracking systems. It enables clear contact with the consumer who is waiting for the cargo from all parties engaged in the shipping procedure.

·        Automated invoicing

By automating the invoicing process, you may significantly reduce your costs as an independent freight forwarder. Automated payment systems also improve efficiency and accuracy while lowering expenses for the shipper and the forwarder. By removing errors and creating new revenue sources, they enable small and mid-sized logistics enterprises to compete with giants.

·        Data analytics for better forecasting

You may learn a lot about labour efficiency, cost reduction, pricing strategy, risk management, and faster service by analysing the data from your clients. Improved freight projections made possible by advanced analytics let you work more effectively with carriers and partners.


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