The celebration of Christmas is marked with the singing of popular Christmas Carols by the Christians and the famous Jingle Bell song. Generally, Lord Jesus Christ was believed to born on Christmas 25th December. So, people in Germany as well as in other countries of the world dip in the enjoyment of Christmas celebration as the birth of Jesus Christ. However, the exchange of meaningful Gifts and beautiful Greetings Cards with near and dear ones is the most significant custom. Personalize your Greetings Cards and Gift Ideas for sending to your near and dear ones in Germany. The theme may be Christmas but every Greetings Card s styled beautifully! You can choose from countless templates choosing the best Christmas Gift Shop with the best Greetings Card. You can add photographs and your message.   In Germany, many folks begin the 1st of January with a memorable celebration of the dying year and the beginning of the New Year at midnight. Among these celebrations, there are parties, fireworks as well as public concerts which continue up to the early hours of the 1st of January. The celebration starts on the evening of 31st December and after the clock strikes midnight, the […] read more