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April 30, 2024

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Is VICIDial Really Free? What Are the Hidden Costs to Use VICIDial?

Retaining customers and generating more sales are the two most vital jobs of any business. But, it is getting harder and harder each passing day due to a compressed budget, tighter legislation, lack of skilled staff and attrition, and several other factors. This requires faster actions and advanced tools to keep the wheel of business circulating. A contact center solution can be a great tool here to speed up sales and customer care campaigns. There are several options for this software available, but of course, what is more alluring for business owners is using a free call center solution like VICIDial call center solution.  What is VICIDial?  VICIDial is an open source call center solution, which is why it is considered a completely free solution. It supports inbound, outbound, and blended campaigns with its features and functionalities. Its source code is also available for free, which can be used by the users to white label the solutions or for any kind of VICIDial custom development.  As it is an open source solution and its code is also available for customization, it is considered as a free solution. This makes it more popular for business owners as according to them they don’t need to pay anything to get, […] read more
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Top VICIDial Services Available with Years of Experience of VICIDial Development Companies

VICIDial has been one of the top open-source platforms in the VoIP industry. For many years, it has been offering a reliable call center software platform to global businesses and call centers. This open-source call center solution has gone through several revolutionary transformations to meet changing needs of the market, businesses, and consumers. This has made it more adaptable and versatile software. Businesses often adopt this software but do not have expertise in customizing it as per their needs. At the time, they can use VICIDial services from one of the reliable VICIDial development companies. Depending on the years of experience the VICIDial development company has, it can provide you with different services. The brief of the top services for this open-source call center solution offered by the top companies with rich experience are as below: VICIDial custom theme development services Customization of the theme and skin of this call center software is a quite common demand for businesses adopting it. It can be white labeled with a custom theme as it is an open-source solution. As it is one of the most common demands and needs of call centers that use this software, VICIDial custom theme development service is […] read more
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