Premium fascia and soffit installation Although soffits and fascias both are essential components of your roof, they can be easily damaged by rain or insects. It is possible to have a new fascia and soffit installed at the same time as a new roof. This will ensure that your home looks great. This will improve the appearance of your house and keep it sturdy by maintaining its structural integrity. Kingdom Exteriors is the right place to get all yourroof repair chicago, gutter and fascia needs met. Our commitment to superior customer service is based on years of industry experience.   Installation of fascia and soffit of the highest quality Facia are the long, straight boards that run along the roof’s eaves. Facia holds the roof’s bottom edge tiling up. The gutter attaches to the fascia. The fascia hides the soffit boards. The soffit boards can be seen from the ground. Many soffits have openings that allow air to flow through the roof repair chicago. Because molds can grow without airflow, furniture in your home may be damaged.   Fascias and soffits protect your home from outside elements and make it look great. Your family’s health is paramount. Fascia and soffits […] read more