Who is IMREN?IMREN is a brand held by Shenzhen IMR Technology Co., Ltd, and is a manufacturer of all kinds of batteries, universal battery chargers, e-cigarettes/vapors, and related accessories with sophisticated technical equipment, a sincere service attitude, and a good business reputation. The products are wildly used in daily life devices like flashlights, e-cigarettes/vapors, electric tools, toys, etc. And extensively use in CSRC and other industries.IMREN products mainly focus on the domestic market of the United States, and maintain cooperation with Tesla, Samsung, SONY Electronics and many international Top500 companies.Not only that, the IMREN 3200mAh 40A battery and IMREN 3500mAh battery made by IMREN battery are the most popular in the United States. Both rechargeable batteries have been praised by vaping/e-cigar enthusiasts, flashlight users, and electronic gadget users.Whether you’re looking for the regular 18650/21700 rechargeable battery or the more specialized 26650/20700/18350 rechargeable battery, despite being a mobile power or an e-bike, IMREN battery is the best choice for you. Why I Choose IMREN? Our team have been involved with 18650 batteries and 21700 batteries for a number of years. We have adapted to the ever growing demand for more robust, faster and longer ride times and keep with the latest […] read more