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Marathon: Its Types And Advantages

The term “marathon” refers to a long-distance foot race that primarily runs on roads and covers 42.195 kilometres. The next thing that people wonder about is how it came into being in the first place. Philippides or Pheidippides, a Greek messenger who ran all the way to Athens to tell the people that the Greeks had defeated the Persians at the Battle of Marathon, originates from around 490 BC. Philippides, or Pheidippides, is said to have run the entire distance. Pheidippides, upon realising the seriousness of the situation and recognising the significance of the mission, immediately set out on foot and continued to run without stopping. Different Kinds Of Marathons We have 4 different categories of the marathon. MP Pankh Half Marathon allows you to participate in one of the categories and challenge yourself to improve. While going through the types of the marathon, you can click on registrations to register yourself for the run. 1. Marathon (42.2 km) For this race, you need to have at least six months of intense training under your belt. For this race, conditioning your body is essential; however, the true secret to victory will be establishing reasonable time goals for yourself and then […] read more
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These 5 Indian Marathoners Will Motivate You For Your Next Half-Marathon

Believe it or not, if they managed to pull it off, you can too! Finding a role model can motivate you to achieve your goals. For example, suppose you have ever dreamed of running a marathon. In that case, chances are you will benefit from hearing about other people’s training and race strategies.  5 Great Indian Marathoners Marathons and half-marathons give you a new perspective and improve your life. You can participate in marathons to support a cause or yourself. The Pankh MP Half Marathon is a program designed to help young athletes in MP under 19 reach their full potential. Registering for the half marathon will allow you to test your limits and discover new aspects of yourself while completing the course. Let us talk about the great Indian marathoners and what you can learn from their experiences. 1. Lalita Babar Because she grew up in a small, religiously conservative town in Maharashtra, Lalita Babar never gave much thought to striking out on her own or following her passions. Consequently, most girls in her village would get married before they turned 18. But Lalita was focused on one thing and was fortunate enough to have her parents cheer her […] read more
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A Guide To Training For A Half Marathon: Step-By-Step Program

A Guide To Training For A Half Marathon: Step-By-Step Program Training for a half marathon is an investment that takes a long time. To maximise your chances of winning the race, check to see that you comply with all the requirements. This article will discuss the strategy for training for a half marathon, offer advice on what to wear and eat for your race, and explain how often and for how long you should run in the weeks leading up to your half marathon. As you can see, training for a half marathon is not nearly as difficult as you may believe it. If you follow the steps recommended, you will be ready for the MP marathon in excellent physical condition.   Where Should I Begin The Training, Exactly? Completing a half marathon without incident is a significant achievement; it makes the workout easy. If you are new to the sport, it is recommended that you start out by training for shorter races. After getting used to the procedure, the next step is to begin preparations for the half marathon.  While we are on this, Bansal news is organising the biggest marathon in the M.P region. Pank MP Half Marathon […] read more
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