Increase the Open Space in Your Home We all need a lot of open space in our homes. Open space provides a sense of freedom and reduces stress, enabling us to feel more relaxed. Home spaces can be creatively maneuvered to maximize the amount of open space in order to create a calm, tranquil atmosphere. An interior designer Tulsa can help you make the most of your space. They advise homeowners to improve the living room floor space and eliminate bulky furniture items. Designers often suggest using bright colors for walls and floors to create a more open feel. Improve the Lighting Fixtures at Your Home Interior designerscan help improve the lighting fixtures at your property. Usually, an improvement in lighting fixtures entails better placement of doors and windows to allow maximum natural light. Additionally, they might suggest replacing the existing light fixtures with modern lighting options that provide better brightness and create a more open feel. Nothing beats modern LED light fixtures like strings and bulbs. Update the Window Design Windows are one part of your home that you can dress up to give a stylish outlook to any space. You can match almost any space with modern window fixtures. You […] read more