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Best boarding school | Assam Valley School

If you are looking best boarding school in India. Assam Valley is the best boarding school which gets the first rank by world education. Now admission has opened if you are planning. connect the Assam valley school. read more
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Benefits of sports | Assam Valley School

Nowadays, the school has developed programmes that involve sports in the school, and if students are interested, they can join the sports. It is most important because sports keep people healthy while also teaching them how to work and behave in groups. Whereas education teaches us how to live in a civilization, sports teach us teamwork, social behavior, and how to balance your daily worklife, which is why schools value sports. whether some of the students who enjoy sports have the opportunity to pursue a career in sports. Nowadays, the government has passed various sports schemes, and many people are taking advantage of them, as are schools, which understand the values of sports. Assam Valley School offers a variety of sports to its students, provides the best coaches for those students who participate in sports, and gives them a career guidance.     read more
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