The Christmas season has come to an end. Unfortunately, it is time to take on the daunting task of tidying up the decorations. Though the holidays are over, it is still the winter season. So, how do you transition your Christmas Decorations to Winter? Below are a few tips to ensure your home maintains a cozy winter aesthetic without the holiday decorations.  Take Away The Holiday Colours On The Tree – But Leave The White You can still leave your tree up after Christmas, but if you still want a tidier area, you can start by removing the ornaments. You can leave the ribbon and other decorations that are more winter than Christmas. By doing this, you still have a wintery tree, just without the extra clutter of Christmas ornaments. The clean tree will look aesthetic in your space, and leaving it up gives you more time to take care of it on a different day.  This is a great time to organize your Christmas storage bins; try separating the colours and different types of decor.  Keep Your Neutral Decorations Out Now that your Christmas tree looks like a winter tree, you can put away other colourful Christmas decorations. The […] read more