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Swordfish Charter

Private Fishing Charter in Stuart, Florida

Trip Price: $2,300.00

Swordfish have become one of the most desired and sought-after gamefish in the world. Swordfish known as the Gladiator of the sea, can be found in deep waters throughout the world. However, Stuart Florida area has become the the hot spot for chasing the Gladiator of the Sea. Swordfish are fierce, strong and stubborn fighters yet also possessing extreme speed. Once hooked, a Swordfish battle can last hours.

Swordfish offer an unsurpassed offshore challenge while deep-sea fishing out of Stuart. Swordfish are chunky, beefy and powerfully-built fish.

The identifying feature of Swordfish is the huge bill or “sword” protruding from the fish’s face – much longer and wider than the bills of Marlin and Sailfish. The bill is used to kill prey. When feeding, a Swordfish rises from beneath a school of fish, swinging its sword from side to side, striking at any fish within reach then consuming the stunned or dead prey.

Daytime Swordfishing has quickly grown to become the preferred way to catch Swordfish off the Florida coast for many anglers, especially here in Stuart. We have been innovative in perfecting our own Swordfish tactics and have met with great success.

If your intention is to catch one of the fiercest, toughest, and best eating fish in the ocean – then a Stuart swordfish charter is the right choice for you. The Hate 2 Lose fleet has extensive experience catching swordfish at night time, and during the day, off the coast of Stuart, FL. Ready to experience a swordfishing trip? Maybe you want to combine it with fishing for other species? Call now, to book your charter!


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