On April 23, a new annual event called the Cinderella Tournament commenced, offering a one-day single-elimination tournament in which the winner would receive a dress from Yuzuki Aikawa and be granted a wish of their choosing. Participants could win through various methods, including pinfall, submission, over-the-top-rope elimination, or within a ten-minute time limit (except for the final), with time limit draws resulting in a double elimination. The first tournament was won by Mayu Iwatani, who defeated Koguma in the final.


In 2015, Stardom expanded beyond Japan and held shows in Los Angeles County, California. This marked the first time that Stardom had held shows outside of Japan. The first United States show took place in Covina, California, and was headlined by Io Shirai successfully defending her Wonder of Stardom Championship against Mia Yim. Two days later, the second show took place in Baldwin Park, California, with Thunder Rock retaining their Goddess of Stardom Championship against the team of Hiroyo Matsumoto and Kellie Skater.


In November of that year, Stardom began an interpromotional feud with Sendai Girls’ Pro Wrestling during their Korakuen Hall show. The event featured a series of singles matches with gauntlet rules, pitting Meiko Satomura, Dash Chisako, Sendai Sachiko, Cassandra Miyagi, Mika Iwata, and Chihiro Hashimoto against Io Shirai, Mayu Iwatani, Kairi Hojo, Momo Watanabe, Hiromi Mimura, and Kris Wolf. Three days later, at Stardom’s Korakuen Hall show, Mayu Iwatani lost her challenge for the World of Stardom Championship to Meiko Satomura, and Io Shirai successfully defended her Wonder of Stardom Championship against challenger Sendai Sachiko, following their time limit draw earlier.


On February 28, 2016, Stardom launched Stardom World, a worldwide paid video service through YouTube, which was later moved to its own website. In April of the same year, Io Shirai, Kairi Hojo, and Mayu Iwatani represented Stardom in the United States, participating in events for Lucha Underground and a match at the Cauliflower Alley Club.


In May, the trio, known as Threedom, traveled to Europe and took part in shows in Spain, France, and England. A new championship was introduced during the show in Spain, called the Stardom World Association (SWA) World Championship. Io Shirai defeated Toni Storm in a tournament final to become the first champion. The defending champion was required to face an opponent from a different nationality.


On February 18, 2018, Stardom announced the creation of their seventh active title, the Future of Stardom Championship. This title was intended for wrestlers with less than two years of experience in professional wrestling or under the age of 20.


Reference: Watch Stardom Wrestling Online


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