SIRA Approved Consultants Dubai


SIRA ( Security Industry Regulatory agency, Dubai) protects lives and properties by suggesting new laws and regulations, applying smart systems, training security cadres, and inspecting various types of facilities in Dubai

How to get a SIRA certificate in Dubai?


For getting a SIRA certificate you need to visit the online portal of SIRA,

You can see the steps and requirements required for applying for the certification. 

You need to submit the required documents like CCTV Inspection report, AMC, etc. Make sure you are following the guidelines before submitting the design.

Make sure no documents are conflicting. Most importantly, you should submit the latest and original documents online. It is a good idea to take the help of SIRA Approved Consultants, who would prepare the designs and apply for SIRA approval.

SIRA-approved Consultants in Dubai?


DSP Consultants is a leading SIRA – Certified Security Consultant in Dubai and are approved and accredited by Dubai Police (Security Industry Regulatory Agency) for providing Professional Security designs. Our team of certified Professionals from industry-leading organizations such as BICSI, USGB, KNX, and AVIXA enables our customers to achieve their business objectives and realize their visions.


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