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Did you know nearly 80% of Customers searched for location and services online last year alone? In 2021, you must rank highly for your core services and keywords over your rivals. That is where SEO, better known as search engine optimization, comes into the picture. If you are a Business Owner looking for SEO Services, we can help you as we are the best digital marketing agency in Chennai.


What is Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?

SEO includes enhancing your website’s rankings in search engines for specic keywords and searches queries “organically”.


For example, if you search “best digital marketing agency in Chennai,” the websites listed on the 1st pages are optimized and appear organically.


Every time a desktop or mobile search appears on a search engine such as Google, the search engine uses algorithms that determine which pieces of content to show 1st based on what keywords were typed into the search box. SEO considers keywords, website content, online reviews, content quality, listings, backlinks, and more.


As search algorithms have become more clever and website SEO competition increases, you must have an excellent SEO strategy. Reach out to the best digital marketing agency in Chennai at Search Results to get started.


What would SEO do for your core services to rank #1 ?

Imagine if a potential Customer may type in “multispeciality hospital near me” in your city and your Hospital on the 1st position of Google search results. It will impact the visitor to take an action on your business listings. It will have a positive impact on your business. We at Search Results, the best digital marketing company in Chennai, can help you get started with your SEO. Read below to know more.


Increase website traffic

Higher Keyword Rankings

Gain new customers organically

Increase monthly appointments

Grow thought leadership

Stop relying on paid ads

Generate new reviews

Track and optimize monthly

Websites built for performance

Performance of the website is all about making website to load quickly on web browser, even if that means making slow things look fast. Does the site load quickly, allow the user to start using it quickly, and give reassuring feedback (like a loading spinner) if something is taking a while to load? Are the animations and scrolling smooth?. It looks at what technologies, techniques, and tools are used in web optimization.


Reducing overall load time

Making the website usable as soon as possible

Smoothness and interactivity

Perceived performance

To summarise, latency, website size, the number of resource requests made, JavaScript performance, CPU load, and other factors all have an impact on performance. It is critical to minimise loading and response times, as well as to add additional features to hide latency, by making the experience as available and interactive as possible, while asynchronously loading in the longer tail parts of the experience.


SEO services that increase rankings


Website SEO Audit

At Search Results, the best digital marketing agency in Chennai, our healthcare SEO experts will run a comprehensive SEO Audit on your website. It will assist us not only in establishing a foundation to see how your website is doing currently as far as SEO, but it will.


Overall Website Health Score Domain Athority Site Security Report On-Page SEO Structures Page Content Analysis Competitor Analysis Check for Broken Links Page Speed Score Improving content & Keywords



On-pagewebsite SEO, user experience, and website design are vital elements to excellent search engine optimization.


Your website SEO is the base or “hub” on which all other SEO initiatives are built. Without the proper website structure, all different plans will toil to impact your rankings.


At Search Results, the best digital marketing agency in Chennai. Our website SEO starts with in-depth, page-by-page optimization of your title tags and meta tags to ensure they are correctly structured and use the suitable geographical identiers to rank you in regional search.


Website page structure Page speed optimization Keyword Ranking Competitor research Content Analysis Bounce Rate Analysis Title Tags, Meta Tags, Analytics & Keyword Tracking


Localized Search Engine Optimization

When you do a local search, such as typing in “mental health services near me,” the top results are greatly inuenced by proximity, relevancy, and reviews.


Local SEO plans are vital to small scale business because most of your customer comes from your surrounding region. Without local SEO as part of your general SEO strategy, your course could miss the most critical source of new business – your local business online. If you struggle to find keywords, we can help you get started with the best digital marketing agency in Chennai.


Optimize Google My Business Remove Duplicates Claim Business Directories Page Content Analysis Tracking & improving search metrics Directory listings


Content Marketing & Backlink Building

Content is vital when it comes to SEO. Having relevant, high quality content on your website shows your authenticity and makes them look like you know the areas that are important to them.


And it also shows Google that you are procient in your market – which helps you rank higher in search engine results. Regularly posting new content to your website in the form of blogs also gives you data to share on social media. And is one of the nest ways to reach new patients and must be part of your digital marketing plan! We at Search Results, the best digital marketing agency in Chennai, assist you at every stage of content creation, from brainstorming ideas to posting.


Publishing new content to your website can also help you rank for new keywords on Google and boost your regional SEO rankings. If you write about localized topics, it helps your website rank higher on search results.


Content writers Content distribution strategies Tracking and analytics Increase on-page time Generate new backlinks Guest blogging


A Dedicated SEO Company in chennai and Team

Each of our partners, no matter how big or small gets a dedicated account manager and a team of SEO Expert in India who support the growth, execution, tracking, and optimization of their SEO process at each step. So, what are you waiting for? Contact the best digital marketing agency in Chennai to get started now!


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