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Root canal therapy is a common procedure used by dentists to save teeth and prevent extractions. A root canal removes the inflamed and diseased pulp from a tooth’s inside. Later, the inside of the tooth is carefully cleaned and disinfected. Finally, a restorative element such as a crown or filling is placed on the tooth to allow the patient to chew and bite on it without any difficulties.

How Does Root Canal Work?


To evaluate the structure of the root canals and whether there is an infection in the bone around the tooth, the dentist first takes an x-ray of the tooth.


Before drilling a hole in the tooth to extract the pulp, the dentist will numb the surrounding area using a local anesthetic. Depending on the tooth, there may be one to four canals. All these canals will be cleaned, shaped, and disinfected thoroughly.


Our dentist will fill the canal space with a substance called gutta-percha once the therapy is completed. To strengthen the tooth, he/she may also insert small support into the root canals. If necessary, the dentist may place a prosthetic crown on the tooth.


Advantages of Root Canal:

  • Root canals can help you in getting rid of the infection and the pain caused due to it.

  • It also relieves the pressure caused due to inflammation in the tooth pulp.

  • The results of a root canal and crown placement are visually-pleasing and can have a positive impact on your confidence.

  • It is a quick and cost-effective procedure. 

  • Also, through a root canal, you will get to keep your original teeth.

  • With good oral habits, the results of a root canal can be long-lasting.

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