Premium Quality Thermal Paper Rolls

Embrace hyper-efficiency and productivity with premium thermal paper rolls by Master Distributors. We have the best industry standard size of thermal papers that are required for thermal printing receipts. 


Our high-quality thermal paper rolls have long image life and are suitable for receipt printers, registers, and Eftpos machines that don’t need a ribbon. These high-quality thermal rolls come with a sensitive thermal coating that delivers crystal clear and legible images. 


Why is Thermal Printing Better than Traditional Printing?

Thermal Printing, which uses thermal paper rolls, has long since overrun traditional printing for several reasons. 


On a store’s daily operation, you’ll have to print hundreds, possibly thousands of receipts, labels, tickets, etc. Our thermal papers create a high-definition image without any smudges or smears. 


Thermal printing is more efficient than ink printing because the heat from the thermal printer produces images in milliseconds. 


Thermal papers are cheaper than traditional papers and also have no need for ink, making them a cheaper printing alternative. 


Faster and simpler than ever, with thermal paper rolls from Master Distributors, you can serve your customers quickly with accurate printing results. 


Reliable Distributors of Thermal Paper Rolls in Canada 

Choose Master Distributors for all your thermal paper and label needs. We offer superior POS solutions at affordable prices, and you can rest assured of enhanced efficiency and productivity. With hundreds of products from top brands, we’re quickly becoming Canada’s most trusted name for POS distributors. 


Our thermal paper rolls are compatible with all the leading brand’s printers. Regardless of the system you’re using at your store; we have the right thermal roll for you. 


So contact us today if you’re looking for thermal paper rolls at competitive prices. Call 1-888-905-7008 or send us an email at [email protected] to learn more about our products. 



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