Practical types of jaw crushers

Several types and sizes of jaw crushers are available to accommodate diverse crushing needs. Following are some useful jaw crusher machine types:

  • 1. Portable Jaw Crusher: Portable jaw crushers may be moved simply between job sites since they are installed on trailers or chassis. On construction and demolition sites, it is frequently employed.
  • 2. Stationary Jaw Crusher: The stationary jaw crusher is ideal for primary crushing in quarries and mines since it is put in a fixed location.
  • 3. Mobile Jaw Crusher: Jaw crushers of this type can be moved easily between job sites because they are mounted on mobile chassis. It is frequently utilized in quarrying and mining activities as well as building and demolition sites.
  • 4. Mini Jaw Crusher: This type of jaw crusher is suitable for use in laboratories or for small-scale crushing operations because of its compact size.
  • 5. Industrial Jaw Crusher: This kind of jaw crusher is utilized in mining and quarrying for heavy-duty crushing applications.
  • 6. Recycling Jaw Crusher: Concrete and asphalt materials can be crushed and recycled using a jaw crusher that is specifically made for that purpose.
  • 7. Impact Jaw Crusher: Impact jaw crushers are used often in the construction and demolition sectors to crush materials using impact force.
  • 8. Tracked Jaw Crusher: Jaw crusher that is mounted on a tracked chassis and is ideal for use in a variety of applications, including mining and construction, is known as a tracked jaw crusher.

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