Possible fixes for MetaMask Chrome Extension Not Working

Due to the launch of Web 3.0, there has been an increase in the competition, and new wallets are being launched in the market on a daily basis. But even after that MetaMask has remained the top choice of users. But recently many glitches have been reported by users in the working of the MetaMask Chrome Extension. The blog will provide you with all the available fixes that can be executed to solve the problem of the extension not working. 

Fixes to resolve the issue

Though the term “MetaMask not responding” does not specify the exact issue that a user is facing, still we are providing you with common fixes to help you out.

  • Restart Browser and PC

This is the primary step that should be taken by the user in case of non-working. Firstly, you should try to close and try restarting your browser and if it does not work shut down and restart your PC. Restarting your PC will stop the whole working of MetaMask in the background that was resulting in its non-working and then after restarting you will be able to use the MetaMask Extension smoothly. 

  • Switching Network

It might be possible that the network you are currently using is not supported by MetaMask Chrome Extension. For instance, it is possible that you were on the website that works as network chain of Binance and MetaMask works on Ethereum network, then we already know that MetaMask is not responding due to the absence of Ethereum network. Hence you will have to switch between networks. 

  • Updating or Re-installing of App or Browser

The reason behind the non-working could be that it is not up to date. Look out for any update available to download and if it is then update your application. Delaying of update will eventually lead you to non-working of MetaMask Chrome Extension. And after installing the new update, delete all the current extension installed of it and download the new one. 

And if your MetaMask is updated then still it is recommended that you uninstall and reinstall the browser extension. 

  • Clearing of data

Try to clear the cache of the site or deleting the junk files. Sometimes cache stops the sites from working because there might be some virus in them. 

Steps to take for Account Prevention

Because of increase in cyber security scams there are high chances of you to get trapped in the scam. So here we are with some tips that you should take in consideration:

  • In case of any message received and it is asking for some help then do not respond to the message.
  • Know that MetaMask will never officially send you direct message to help you out with the issue.
  • MetaMask does not provide any support groups on other platforms, therefore, do not join any telegram, WhatsApp groups or any other group.

Wrapping Up


So here ends our guide of fixes to help you out with MetaMask Chrome Extension not working problems. We hope that now your extension issue is resolved and you are using it without any disruption. But if it still does not help then the MetaMask support is the only thing that can help you out. Therefore, contact them with your issue and ask for a possible fix for the extension.


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