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Peel Ply For Vacuum Infusion price Our Factory Qingdao Regal New Material Co., LTD. is located in Qingdao City, China. Regal focusing on the development and promotion of products in composite material industry, offers a wide range of advanced solutions and relevant materials for manufacturing processes, as well as for research purposes. Based on the promotion of vacuum infusion process, our products are related to high-class products in the field of composite materials, such as carbon fiber fabric, high performance resin, epoxy adhesive, mold release wax and etc. We provide customers with Vacuum-Assisted Resin Infusion Molding Process technology, RTM, pultrusion process and mould manufacturing, etc. of a complete set of technical solutions. At present, our products have been applied in high-speed railway industry, yacht manufacturing industry, wind power facilities, new energy vehicles and other fields. With professional technology, efficient team management and perfect product service, We have won wide recognition from customers. Our Product Carbon fiber fabric, PVC foam core , Nomex honeycomb core, Carbon fiber prepreg, Vacuum Infusion Equipment锛坴acuum pump, resin collector, vacuum hose锛? composite material锛坴acuum bagging film, release film, peel ply, butyl sealant tape, resin flow mesh锛?/p> Product Application Aerospace, ship building, Track traffic project, vacuum resin infusion process, Autoclave molding process Production Equipment Carbon fiber nonwovens production line, composite autoclave, Aramid paper honeycomb core composite panel press, nomex honeycomb production line, 3d Laser Industrial Scanner Production Market 2020 North America $ 500 thousand Southeast Asia $ 200 thousand Western Europe $ 100 thousand Australia $ 60 thousand Our Service Pre-sale Service: Provide information about customers in target market to guide the development of new products On-purchase Service: To provide customers with one-stop service, more reasonable prices After-sales Service: Provide customers with project operation guidance and product after-sales guaranteePeel Ply For Vacuum Infusion price website:


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