Pearlzyme Inc. joint research with Poultry Science lab at the University of Georgia, U.S.

Pearlzyme Inc. (CEO, Dr. Chang, Chung-Soon), a company specializing in enzyme R&D, has announced a research agreement with Prof. Dr. Woo Kim (Dept. of Poultry Science) of the University of Georgia, U.S. for functional feed additives using Pearlzyme’s enzymes.
Following joint research in 2022, the two sides will strengthen cooperation in research and development of functional feed additives and technology through an agreement in 2023.

Joint research projects are now in progress to improve the capabilities in the R&D field and build up the basis of Pearlzyme’s following upgraded commodities.

The R&D focuses on the peculiar microbiomes for developing specific probiotics in common.
The other sector concentrates on the immune-enhancing activity and anti-inflammatory effects of PEARLZYME®’s primary microbe, Bacillus sp., on poultry.

Pearlzyme Inc. participated in 2023 VIV ASIA Bangkok, the world’s largest livestock exhibition, last month and completed global research by confirming the appeal of a single protease market and the future of PEARLZYME®. 

Pearlzyme Inc. plans to promote full-fledged sales expansion while strengthening exports and domestic OEM production. Through the 2023 VIV ASIA, an exclusive contract was signed with N company in the Middle East, in addition, existing Southeast Asian customers are increasing their volume in recognition of their outstanding efficacy in the recent market. 

The naturally derived protease feed additives using Bacillus sp. is a feed additive product that is a substitute for antibiotics that suppresses infections that occur in poultry and pig.

The EU in 2006, the Republic of Korea in 2011, the United States in 2017, China in 2020, and Thailand in 2021 regulate or ban the use of growth-promoting antibiotics by law. 

CEO of Pearlzyme Inc., Dr. Chang, Chung-Soon said, “Global consumers’ overall interest in eco-friendly food is increasing, and at the same time, government regulation policies on the use of antibiotics and animal welfare are being strengthened, so the demand for Pearlzyme’s products will increase in the future.” It will be the starting point for gathering our capabilities in one place.” 

Pearlzyme Inc. currently has customers in Southeast Asia and the Middle East, and is dedicated to R&D of products sold domestically and globally. In addition to feed additives, Pearlzyme Inc. is conducting research and development on various pipelines using B.sp. 

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