The Hindu University of America offers instruction in philosophical systems based on Hinduism that emphasize critical thinking, morality, and introspection. It trains students for service, leadership, and involvement in the world by fostering Hindu culture and traditions in a setting of academic achievement and independence.

The Micro Certificate in Spoken Samskritam (MCSS) is a 4-quarter, 6 Credit-hour leisurely paced exploration of the Samskritam as a spoken language. It prepares beginning students that know the  Samskritam (aka “Sanskrit”) / DevanAgarii script, but no fluency in conversational aspects, to achieve a level of Conversational Proficiency using simple real-life scenarios and skits. 

At the Hindu University of America, Samskritam is approached as a living language that informs and enlivens a civilization and culture, its wisdom and worldview, its philosophy and spirituality. And taking Samskritam up as a living language, the MCSS course focuses on several dimensions of the Sanskrit language including reading, writing, speaking, listening, and understanding. Accessing  Samskritam will enable students the ability to speak fluently and comprehend easily. The MCSS is a foundation for students of all ages ranging from High School onwards. 

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