How to Manage Back to School or Anxiety This Fall

Your Story Counselling offers Individual, Couples, & Family Counselling for a variety of needs. All of our doctors have at least a master’s degree in psychotherapy, and they all employ methods and practices that are supported by research. Our therapy clinic for intern therapists provides inexpensive therapy solutions. All of the therapist interns are graduate students under the supervision of a licensed psychotherapist. Advice for Managing Anxiety Before Returning to School

It goes without saying that some kids find it easier than others to return to school after the summer holiday. Fortunately, the advice in this article can help make coping with anxiety related to returning to school a little bit simpler. The majority of people experience anxiety to some degree or another. In actuality, anxiety disorders affect 20% of individuals. This might make it very difficult to get through the day at work or school, especially if you’re trying to be as positive and effective as you can. People are going back to school as the summer comes to an end and the seasons begin to change.


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