How To Construct An Email Campaign In SugarCRM

Email marketing is a practical way to assemble a healthy relationship between you and your audience. You can trust the email camapign as a mechanism for email marketing in order for secures your targeted audience to rely on you. An email campaign is a procedure that allows you to send multiple emails to multiple recipients within a sequence of time. Email campaigns help you to contact your subscribers at the right time and also to generate leads. This is the best way to nurture your information and generate potential customers. Additionally, enable you to make your customer experience healthy by replying to them in a quick manner. 

With the help of an email campaign, you can easily collect the data of your customers and keep your customers engaging. To get a deep knowledge about Email campaigns & other things like types of email campaigns, work email campaigns do, and their Methods. Additionally, steps to create an email campaign, the benefits of using it, etc, to know all these factors you need to read this article.

Classes Of Email Campaigns

Generally, there are nine kinds of email campaigns that help you to send emails according to your need and handle your all work burden. Let’s take a look at all these types of campaigns. 

  1. The Newsletter Email Campaign: Even though technically it is not an email marketing campaign but it is a smart email strategy. This email campaign includes the email that is sent to customers to keep them informed of the latest update about the product. 

  2. The Re-engagement Email Campaign: The re-engagement email campaign is used for the make engagement of inactive customers. The rate of attrition of this campaign is around 25 to 30%.

  3. The Cart Abandonment (Resign) Email Campaign: The cart-abandonment emails campaign are for shopping purpose. These emails are like “Hey, get a 40% discount on purchasing led lights item, this offer is available only for 8 hours. The cart abandonment email campaign is an email marketing kind of campaign. 

  4. The Connection Via Social Campaign: The social campaign is one of the campaigns that cross through multiple channels and then gets back to email. This email marketing campaign strives to engage people in their newsfeeds. This campaign includes plenty of platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc, and also the activities the platforms operate. 

  5. The Salutation Email Campaign: The salutation email campaign includes the things that appreciate the greet, welcome, introduction, or something else. For example Congrats! You have filled out the form successfully. These email campaigns are like giving a little gift to your customers. 

  6. The Periodic Email Campaign: Greeting customers about some special days includes periodic email campaigns. For example, It is father’s Day & you’re wishing the best wishes to your father by email. So, that’s a periodic email campaign. 

  7. The Quality Promotional Email Campaign: Quality promotional email campaigns are the ones that can appear anytime in your inbox from any brand. Emails that are sent from any kind of service again and again that are involved in quality promotional campaigns. These emails leave your customers curious, give offers, add slogans, add rumors, and use infographics status that attracts the customer most. 

  8. The Post-Asset Email Drip Campaign: This one is the rare appearing email campaign as it is sent to customers to take a follow-up purchase. 

  9. The Triggered Email Campaign: According to a survey over 75% of email revenue is generated via a “Triggered” email camapign. Trigger email refers to the automated email, immediately when a subscriber takes a certain action & when particular changes take place within the product catalog. 

Steps To Create An Email Campaign

We have already informed you what email campaigns are and how they work and also How many types they are. Now you need to know what are the essentials steps we need to take to assemble an email campaign. Let’s have a look and get to know how to create an email campaign in very simple steps: 

The first step is to select the wizard or classic method to create a campaign (the wizard will let you move step by step and the classic allows you via your own pace and order). Secondly, you need to track the purpose and budget details to help you manage and explore the campaign. Link the target list that you have created to the campaign & prepare content for your email message with engaging hyperlinks. Also, create a tracker URL for each link so that you can easily access who is using your links after sending the email. 

Then decide on a “name” to convert into hyperlink text by insulting it. So, enter the name wisely while creating the link. That link may update subsequently when needed. After this, create an email template from the campaign module so that you can have access to full campaign functionality. By using the email template you can insert a field from your database that allows you to personalize your message for each recipient. Since SugarCRM supports HTML templates so you can insert images that must be stored on your web server that can be inserted only through URL. 

After creating your message template you want to test it to make sure it looks the same as you have planned. To test it, create a test-type target list and add yourself to it. Then link the test list with the campaign and use the “action button” to “send the test’. To make sure your message sounds consistent for all recipients you may need to use several email addresses. You can also check whether the hyperlink is tracking accurately or not by clicking on the link that is currently in the test email. Your click must appear in the campaign. 


After testing & satisfaction with the test, you need to clear your test result to start a fresh email by going to the result in view of your campaign. Then use the action button to send your email. The time factor to send the email depends on two factors. First, The email should not be sent previously from the date and time that has been selected at the time of creating the marketing message. If the time has passed then the message will be sent to the scheduler process that may be selected to run overnight. This is how we can effortlessly construct an email campaign by following some actions.


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