History of Gambling in India




Gambling in India is believed to be originated from different stories from the past and one of them is “Ramayana”. The story is believed to be written in 7300 BC from the Indian Sanskrit translated as “Rama’s Journey”. The story goes from a man called Rama, the eldest son of the great king Dasharatha, who won the hand of his wife Sita in a contest which is Archery Contest.

Also, one of the stories that are believed to be originated gambling in India is the story of “Shakuni”. The word Shakuni means “Large Bird” in Sanskrit word. The story goes from a man who gambles all his wealth, family, brothers, and himself in a game of dice and then drove them all from slavery after losing a defeat.

Dice or Cube is the first believed gambling device in India dated 300BC or which was later called “Pasa”. On the other hand, the first gambling in India is known to be with animals which are ram fights, cockfights, and then later proceed to the game we all know as horse racing. The origin of gambling in India comes from a long way past.

India’s Part in Gambling 

India is one of the countries that prohibits gambling, however, online games or what they call “game of skill” or “game of chance” are allowed in some of its states. Only two states are officially prohibited from online gambling which is Telangana and Andhra Pradesh.

Indian gambling is estimated to be worth 60 billion dollars per year and is believed that half of it is from illegal betting.

The Indian government has a law called the Public Gambling Act – a law that prohibits running or betting in charge of a public gambling house. All persons who will be caught liable will be fined 200₹ and will get imprisonment for 3 months.

People can choose to gamble online since there is no law that prohibits online gambling. However, the Public Gambling Act of 1867 still holds a part in gambling online but there is no recorded information that a person is prosecuted for gambling online.

Online Gambling in India

Online gambling played a huge part in gambling in India. Since many of the states in India banned in-house gambling like Casino, online gambling made to be a replacement for it. Online Gambling offers convenience and can be played anywhere, the players grow and the platforms offering to gamble online expand over time. Games such as Lottery, Horse Racing, Prize Competition, Sports Betting, Games of Skill, and Games of Chance are all games that are allowed in online gambling which is also offered in DamanGames.

On the other hand, Indian Casinos cannot promote or have a website that will advertise gambling.

There is also non-Indian casino called offshore companies that operates gambling online but they need to offer rupees as payment for Indians.

Why Online Gambling is popular in India? 

1.       Convenience

Since the game is played online, users have the convenience of playing the game. The player doesn’t have to go to a lottery outlet to buy a ticket to play, they just have to deposit money online and play money games online.

In addition, online gambling can be played anywhere since it just requires users to have a stable connection to be played, and since the internet can be accessed anytime and anywhere.

Unlike in the classic betting games where people have to wait for many hours before the game gets its result, you don’t have to do that in most of the games since most of them require only a minimum amount of time to get a result.

2.       Varieties of Games Can be Played

The good thing about online gambling is they mostly give varieties of exciting games to be played. Games like European Roulette, Lottery Online, Sports Betting Online, and more are being introduced in one application.

You can win a vast amount of money within just a minute with the games offered on many of the platforms offered online. You just have to choose the best game that gives you more profit and stick to it.

3.       Easy to Win and Cash out

One of the reasons why Online Gambling is so popular in India is because of the ease to cash out. After players win money on the platform, they can easily withdraw the amount anytime they want.

In addition, games like Color Games are games that will give you fast money since the game is being played fast. On some platforms, you just have to wait 1 minute for the result to come out. Like in DamanGames, there are options where you just have to wait for 1 minute, 3 minutes, 5 minutes, and 10 minutes for you to know if you win or not.

You just have to use your e-wallet to deposit money then you can now win in varieties of games online.

4.       Trusted Platform

There are so many trusted platforms to be played online but still, you need to be wise and choose what is the best application. You need to consider how many players are playing on the platform since that is the main factor to know if the platform is really trusted.

You can also ask for other player or agents that recommends trusted platforms. In this case, I will recommend DamanGames. One of the most trusted platforms in gambling applications. Around 50,000+ or more registered users mostly around India with almost 10,000+ active users can prove that the platform is legitimate and trusted.


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