An auto title loan is lent to a person on the basis of his/her title of the car and the amount of this loan is decided by the value of the car. If you are not able to Extra Cash Each Month pay back the full loan or it goes in default, then the lender has the right to sell the car and recover the amount of the loan. When you take this loan, you get the money in a very speedy manner. For securing it, you can ask for quotes from different lenders. But before going in for it, make sure that the interest rate is not too high and that you can manage the payments each month.

How To Get An Auto Title Loan

You can qualify for an auto title loan, if you possess the following documents: The title of your vehicle, Your drivers’ license, proof of your present address like an electricity bill, etc. and finally, proof of your income, either a pay check or income statement in case you are self-employed.

Fast And Simple Approval

Auto loans can also be availed on a small, short-term basis, but the borrower has to secure it with his car. The lender puts a lien on the vehicle, and if the borrower is not able to return the car loan amount, the lender may confiscate it. Therefore, it is essential that there are no other liens on the car and it is completely owned by the borrower.

Even the pawnshops can begin this business without any special license in many states. But some states, like Montana, follow formal licensing procedures, and their records show that the number of licensed title lenders has increased from 21 in 2000 to 45 in April 2004. This figure does not include the pawnshops providing this service. In 2002, these licensed lenders offered approximately 16,000 loans.

Some consumer groups and lawmakers perceive that this business is flourishing at the expense of the poor, as they don’t have any other loan alternative. They are easily drawn in its vicious circle. But, the studies conducted on this subject do not corroborate this view. Most of the borrowers do not default on the loans nor get their cars confiscated.

Searching For The Right Auto Title Loans

When searching for the best new car loan, you must be aware of the extra cost involved in it. Especially, as a first time car buyer, you are required to take into account all the extra and hidden costs. Don’t be tricked by fees or costs that the dealer or salesperson attempts to add, such as insurance or maintenance contract.