Evening Desert Safari

Evening Safari in the Desert

Enjoy the best of what the Dubai desert has to offer with our Evening Desert Safari. You can take a four-wheel drive over the seemingly endless sand dunes, eat a barbecue dinner under the stars, and experience amazing forms of traditional local entertainment. So, if you want to get started, why wait any longer? Plan an unforgettable trip by reserving a spot on a Dubai Desert Safari at sunset.

All tourists to the UAE should see this. This is one safari that can’t be replicated in your own country, making it a unique experience to tell stories about when you get back home. It’s well worth the money, in our opinion, so go for it.

This tour crosses the Dubai desert in the afternoon and includes several photo ops along the way. After an exciting dune drive, you reach your first scenic sunset viewing location. After stopping to take in the sunset, we continue Dune bashing to our destination. You can ride a camel, go sandboarding, and get your hands and feet decorated with henna while you’re here. Work up an appetite? Relax with some shisha and a tasty barbecue (the famous Arabic water pipe). Around the campfire, under the stars, you’ll be treated to a performance of both our Fire show and Tanura show.


What’s Included and What’s Not:


  • Grab a four-wheel drive vehicle. The best time to leave Dubai by car is between 3 and 3:30, though this may vary depending on when the sun goes down.

  • Dune-bashing along Al Awir Road in the desert.

  • 20 to 30 minutes. Taking a Spin in the Sand Dunes

  • Photographing the Sunset

  • The Adventure of Riding a Camel

  • Tribal dance (not during Ramadan)

  • Presentation of fire and the Tanura dance

  • Bar (On Payment basis) (On Payment basis)

  • tattooing with henna

  • Shisha with a Hubble Bubble – (on a payment basis)

  • Fresh Dates and Arabic Coffee (Gahwa)

  • Garb Associated with a Particular Culture or Time Period

  • Ample supplies of soda, tea, coffee, and mineral water

  • BBQ and Dinner Buffet (vegetarian food also available)

  • 9:30 PM EST Departure

  • Skiing in the Sand (additional charge)

  • A Four-Wheeler (additional charge)



This package has no required minimum number of participants; a single person can enjoy its benefits. If you have a party of six, you can reserve an entire car without having to ride with strangers. Due to the nature of the desert safari as an adventure activity, we cannot accommodate children younger than 3, pregnant women, or the elderly (especially those with back problems). If you’d rather not wait for the shuttle, we can set up a private car to bring you to the camp so that you can get right to having fun. We also carry child safety seats.




All of our drivers have extensive experience on the road and in first aid. In the extremely unlikely event of a rollover in the desert, our vehicles are equipped with roll cages to protect the occupants. In addition, everyone in the car can and should use a seat belt. We’ll be taking four-wheel-drive Land Cruisers on our safari. Furthermore, you are covered by our insurance policies the moment you step into one of our vehicles. We have full insurance on all of our vehicles and all of our passengers.




In order to capture the incredible scenery, visitors to a Dubai desert safari should bring a camera. Wearing expensive jewelry or a fancy watch is not a good idea, and neither is bringing a cell phone because there is no service in the camps. Please sample the Arabic coffee and watch the belly dancer at the camp.




A highlight of the desert trip for most people. On a ski board, you can ski down the steepest dunes with the confidence that the soft sand will cushion any inevitable falls. Desert safaris are a thrilling experience that everyone should have at least once in their lives. If you want to have the best time sand-skiing, you should definitely book a safari on the red dunes.


Trekking on Camels


A camel trek is another common way to experience the desert. Standing atop the tallest dune on your way to the camp where drinks and dinner are waiting, you can take in a breathtaking sunset.




Here at our shop, you can choose between two different quad bikes, one of which is designed specifically for kids and the other for adults. The larger, more powerful quad bikes have a displacement of 350 ccs, while the smaller quad bikes, with displacements of 150 cc, are ideal for kids. As a safety precaution, quad bikes are only allowed to be ridden outside of the camp in a specially marked area.


As an alternative, dune buggies are two-seaters that can be driven into the desert. We’ll have an instructor in charge of the caravan, and we’ll make sure everyone has the proper gear and knows what to do before setting out. Those in search of an exciting experience should choose this route.


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