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Castle Raised Garden Beds suppliers The exquisite Castle Raised Garden Bed Green is constructed of ZAM steel, an up-to-date, environmentally friendly material that is durable and corrosion resistant. You may want to put a layer of gravel or gravel at the bottom of the garden bed. This will help with filtration and drainage. Our raised garden beds are easy to assemble and are perfect for growing vegetables, herbs and flowers. We do our best to contribute to gardening so that everyone can garden. It’s an honor we should do. Product Parameter (Specification) of Castle Raised Garden Bed Green Castle Raised Garden Bed Green is 32 inches with 4pcs 17″ corner panels, 8pcs 17″ side panels and 4pcs 32″ corner panels. And you may also adjust the size to the shape you want by adding or reducing panels. (Length 96″*Width 24″*Height 32″) Product Details of Castle Raised Garden Bed Green kit Includes: 鈼?4pcs 17″ corner panels 鈼?8pcs 17″ side panels 鈼?4pcs 32″ corner panels 鈼?Pack of bolts, nuts, and washers 鈼?Vinyl safety edging 鈼?Hand wrench 鈼?Instruction manual Longevity The high grade ZAM steel (0.6mm) used in our raised garden beds gives this raised garden bed a life expectancy of up to 20 years! Compared to regular galvanized steel, our ZAM raised beds will last 3-7 times longer. Note: When deciding which metal raised garden bed to purchase, please check the thickness and type of metal used. You will find that most other metal raised beds will be made of cheap, thin and low-grade metal, and they will rust quickly! No contamination Unlike low-grade plastics, chemically treated wood or crudely manufactured cottage products, ZAM steel does not undergo any significant leaching or decomposition over time. The material has been tested by the EPA and has been determined to be non-polluting. As a result, these beds are perfectly safe to grow food in. Longer growing season With our raised garden beds, the soil tends to be a little warmer than the earth, so you can start planting earlier and it can last longer throughout the season. Because the soil may be slightly warmer, you will need to make sure you pay close attention to soil moisture levels during the summer months.Castle Raised Garden Beds suppliers website:


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