9 Wings production had a humble beginning back in 2018. With limited resources and earnest passion, we have shown consistent growth. After years of experience in the entertainment industry, and innumerable collaborations, we discovered various shortcomings in the creative process and infrastructure prevailing in the industry. With a sheer purpose to deliver quality while smoothening the creative process, we have established the state of the art studio facilities for all your production needs.


We strive to provide the best creative experience for our clients by integrating a winning combination of creative work environment and technical excellence. With a 3025 square foot (55’ X 55’) studio space, opulent amenities, and high-end audio and photography lighting systems, we have established an unparalleled infrastructure for all conceivable projects, from Ad shoots to print shoots, music video productions to influencer shoots. The 9 Wings Studio is best studio that is purpose-built for professionals to conduct lengthy workshops, celebrity interviews, stand-up performances, and table reads.



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