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SM INSTRUMENTS offers a specialized Ultrasonic Camera BACTAM for partial discharge detection. 

Since its inception in 2006, SM Instruments has been a Gold Alliance Partner of National Instruments of the United States. Their main technologies are sound visualization with a sound camera and Buzz, Squeak, and Rattle detection with BSR Tools. 

What exactly is a partial discharge? 

Partial discharge (PD) is a localized dielectric breakdown of a small portion of a solid or fluid electrical insulation system under high voltage stress, which does not completely bridge the space between the two conductors. 

The causes of Partial discharge (PD) are due to voids, impurities, or cracks due to defects in the manufacturing process, mechanical stress, or defects in the insulating aging process. 

Partial discharge (PD) usually begins within voids, cracks, or inclusions within a solid dielectric. And, it occurs even at conductor-dielectric interfaces within solid or liquid dielectrics, or in bubbles within liquid dielectrics. 

Since most Partial discharge (PD) is limited to only a portion of the insulation, the discharges only partially bridge the distance between electrodes and mainly occurs inside the insulating material. But, once Partial discharge (PD) has started, the insulating material gradually deteriorates and the insulating material slows down. Partial discharge can lead to various physical and chemical changes, which can be detected, positioned, and characterized to provide the information necessary to prevent insulation failure of medium and high-voltage electrical equipment. 

How SM Instruments Ultrasonic Camera BATCAM to detect the Partial discharge 

SM Instruments’ ultrasonic sound camera BATCAM can detect partial discharge (PD) in advance to minimize loss of power facilities and prevent major damage such as fire and power outages.

It is the world’s smallest and lightest ultrasonic camera that is most easy to diagnose the partial discharge (PD). 

Partial discharge (PD) emits broadband sound. SM Instrument’s ultrasonic cameras BATCAM camera combines sound and ultrasonic frequencies to detect partial discharge and shows visualized image of partial discharge that is not fully audible to the human ear. SM Instrument’s BATCAM can also find missed partial discharges from UV and IR cameras such as discharges inside the cable termination or discharges without direct visibility. 

SM Instrument’s ultrasonic camera BATCAM uses 112 digital microphones and beam forming technologies. 112 digital microphones provide excellent sensitivity and accuracy in finding problems such as partial discharge as well as a leak, arc, and others. 

The BATCAM ultrasonic camera also provides an immediate identification of partial discharge through the phase resolved partial discharge (PRPD). With PRPD application, users can also create a partial discharge (PD) measurement report through programs within the site. 

If you are looking for an ultrasonic camera to detect partial discharge, SM Instruments is the place to go. 

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– Example of a remote partial discharge measurement with the BATCAM 2 ultrasonic camera: 

– BATCAM 2 ultrasonic camera application examples for gas storage and facilities: 

– BATCAM 2 ultrasonic camera application examples for gas storage and plant facilities: 

– SM Instruments ultrasonic camera, sonic camera product & solution application video: 

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