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Here are some tips on the best email marketing strategy to drive results to your business instantly.

  1.  Less clutter is always better.
  2.  Always include an email signature.
  3.  Always include an email signature.
  4.  Let the no-reply text not come in your way.
  5.  Always add a call to action.
  6.  Personalize your email
  7.  Always add your logo.
  8.  Let there be quality over quantity.

Email marketing is not a new strategy to increase your traffic online, but it is an old-fashioned way to keep a closer watch on your customers. Though some may find this strategy traditional, it can help you generate leads and convert your customers into important businesses if you work the right way.

Some agencies provide you with email marketing services, but if you want to have a hands-on experience in boosting your email marketing strategy plan and, at the same time, if you are on a tight budget and want to make things work your way, then here are some best practices for smart email marketing that you can try yourself and generate efficient and effective leads towards your business.

Less clutter is always better.

It would be best if you do not run around the Bush in your emails and keep changing fonts or typefaces, making it difficult for your readers to understand what you are trying to convey. In addition, different fonts and sizes can distract your readers and spoil the entire look of the email. It is best to use the web save font such as times new Roman, aerial, or calibrate with fonts 10 to 12 points. This will ensure uniformity in your emails and send the right message you want to convey to your customers.

Always include an email signature.

In a study conducted by the state of business email marketing in 2019, almost half of the marketers voted that email signatures are important for a company’s visibility and brand proposition. In addition, an email signature also speaks volumes about the standard, authenticity, and uniformity which transcribes authority in the company. People react to emails if they have personalization and human touch. By adding an email signature, your customers will naturally be inclined to your mail and feel that their presence is wanted in your company.

Let the no-reply text not come in your way.

If you add the famous text that says no reply, you do not expect any communication or conversation from the recipients. Such texts are accepted if it is a government organization and the message sent to the customers are one-time messages such as a user name, passwords, OTP, or even confirmation mails. However, if you are looking for a brand engagement, then adding no reply to your emails can put your customers on and off mode, and they will never feel connected with your brand because of the automated emails you send them.

Always add a call to action.

A mail should be more than appealing to the reader and convince the reader of a call to action. This main message and call to action should always be about the fold, which means the readers should be able to read the main message and objective before even this Scroll down through the mail. Though users are prone to Scroll down due to the vertical timelines on social media, it is the about-the-fold content that gets more attention from the users. In some cases, this content even appears in the notifications, so the users get a gist of what the mail will be about.

Personalize your email.

One of the best email marketing strategies is that it would be best if you start the email by referring to your customer as a dear member. This means that you are supposed to know the recipient’s name and add personalized greetings because the recipient’s first name will catch their attention and it will have a good reflection on your company. Several email marketing tools will help you automatically add the individual names of the recipients before you send them. Hence, you do not have to sit and manually type the first name of, say, 100 recipients to whom you opt to send the mail.


Always add your logo.

A study by redshift and entrust in 2020 revealed that logos positively impacted the customers and increased email engagement and brand recognition among customers. To make your brand logo noticeable and easily recognizable to your audience, you must add it to every email you send to your customers. Studies have suggested that adding a logo can increase up to 35% of fuel purchase interaction in the market. In addition, above 18% of customers will likely open the email when they do not do so without a logo.

Let there be quality over quantity.

While it is a temptation to send emails to as many customers as possible, there are chances that not most of them even open up those emails and reply to you. Less engagement can decrease your email algorithms, and people who do not even open your emails and read them do not help you with your campaign in any way, thereby decreasing the quality of the loyal customers. In such cases, it would be best if you would review your customers and subscribers with the highest engagement over a certain period and remove the ones that have least interacted with you.


This was all about email marketing strategies and tips you must ensure before starting your email marketing. In addition, if you feel this is not your cup of tea, there are many email marketing services in the market that you can opt for to outsource your email marketing strategies. Many email marketing tools are available and programs that help increase user experience and enhance your marketing strategy; hence, as someone into business and branding, it is always a device that you take up Newell courses or even read newer ways to attract your crowd.


This article was one such article that you can pin down or make notes of to ensure that you are doing the right thing the next time you send an email to your customers.

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