75 Inch Interactive Whiteboard manufacturers

75 Inch Interactive Whiteboard manufacturers

5 Inch Interactive Whiteboard manufacturers[/url]  Overview:
Our product Portable Interactive Whiteboard is equipped with a high quality screen and offers you a more HD visual experience, capturing every detail and protecting your eyesight, which also uses the advanced technology-the IR touch to make sure you have a better writing experience on the electronic screen, the writing delay was also minimized by us. At the same time, our highest pixel can reach 8 MP providing you with a clearer image. The Well-designed Microphone Array makes the sound more clearer and fuller, whatever the area of meeting room is, we can ensure you a more efficient meeting time. With Android 9.0 system, and supports computer modules, it is easy to achieve dual system. It is compatible with more software, meets more needs, and brings you a higher performance journey.

In addition, Portable Interactive Whiteboard has a more stylish look and a slim profile to realize the character of portable. Various multi-function sockets on the side of the screen make meetings more efficient while ensuring the connection of different devices. It also can be applied in different fields: in hospitals, it can show the expert medical consultation and medical remote assistance, in finial banks, it can show financial data analysis of market anytime, in classrooms, it can make children study more interesting, all of these can help to realize the character of interactive.
Interactive Whiteboard High-precision IR Touch Technology
The IR touch technology brings you natural writing experience. It responses with almost no delay at every single touch.
3.5mm Writing Height 涓?卤1 mm Writing Accuracy
8MP Camera Sees Clearer, Makes Nearer
Throughout the meeting session, the cameras may offer unprecedented clarity, even after zooming in on the speaker. 8MP provides enough room for image compression with a higher signal-to-noise ratio. While we have a Full HD video conference, the image sensor would calculate based on the light information gathered on more than 4 pixels to form a single pixel. Therefore, the proportion of electrical noise in the circuit would be vastly reduced, increasing the clarity and saturation of the image.
8MP Camera 涓?Auto Framing 涓?Higher SNR
8-metre Voice Pickup
Analysing the phase of the sound waves and how soon they arrive at each of the microphone elements, S could tell the direction of the voice. In the meantime, it calls the auto gain technology into play, balancing the volume from both near and afar. The noise algorithm samples the environment noise and cancels out the unwanted hustle and bustle, therefore delivering a clearer voice.
6-element Microphone Array 涓?-metre Voice Pickup 涓?Voice Localisation 涓ˋutomatic Gain 涓?Noise Cancellation
Upgraded Performance
Higher performance such as Android 9.0 brings instant conference experi颅ence. Pluggable module design and compatible platform deliver simplicity and convenience.
Android 9.0/Windows 10 Optional 涓?Supports Intel Core i7
Supports Third-party Application Downloads
Type-C Connector, the Game Changer
A newly added USB Type-C port shares the screen to the S and enables reverse touch control from the touch screen. Meanwhile, it also allows access to the built-in camera and microphone array.
Video & Audio & Touch Signals | Access the wide-angle Camera and powerful Mic Array
The Type-C provides easy access to the camera, microphone or loud颅 speaker of S via personal device.
Now you can enjoy ultra wide-angle camera and powerful voice pickup features on your laptop.
Besides, S supports extension mode via Type-C.75 Inch Interactive Whiteboard manufacturers


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