Indoor Floor suppliers The Wooden Engineered Flooring has both the texture of solid wood and higher stability. The thickness of the surface layer of the Wooden Engineered Flooring is an important factor in determining its service life. The advantages are as follows. 1. Strong sense of natural vision: the surface layer of Wooden Engineered Flooring has beautiful natural texture, delicate structure, rich change, beautiful color and luster, and the visual sense is no different from that of solid wood floor. 2. Comfortable foot feeling: Since the surface layer is solid wood skin, the Wooden Engineered Flooring has appropriate elasticity and moderate friction coefficient, which is easy to use. 3. Good material, easy processing, recyclable: Wooden Engineered Flooring is a kind of renewable natural material, it is the most sustainable among the four major materials (steel, wood, plastic, cement) in the world today Take advantage of green materials. Among them, the Wooden Engineered Flooring above 2mm can be repainted and refurbished after being polished and depainted. 4. Good geothermal adaptability, Wooden Engineered Flooring can be used in geothermal heating environment, which solves the problem of solid wood floor in geothermal heating environment. 5. Strong stability: Due to the excellent structural characteristics of Wooden Engineered Flooring, it overcomes the shortcomings of solid wood floor unidirectional homogeneity, and the dry shrinkage and wet expansion rate is small, which technically ensures the dimensional stability of the floor. 6. Construction and installation are easier: Wooden Engineered Flooring usually has a larger size, and can be installed directly by suspension method without adding a keel, so that the installation is faster. At the same time, it also greatly reduces the installation cost and installation time, and also avoids a series of problems caused by poor use of keels. 7. Excellent environmental protection performance: Since the brand’s Wooden Engineered Flooring is made of solid wood and environmentally friendly adhesives, it is processed through advanced production technology, so the environmental protection performance is good, and it meets the national environmental protection mandatory standards. 8. To create a comfortable home environment: Wooden Engineered Flooring has good thermal insulation, heat insulation, sound insulation, sound absorption, insulation performance, etc. 9. Richer decorative performance: the surface layer of solid wood floor composite floor is colorful with precious natural wood, with unique color and pattern, coupled with the design of surface structure and the introduction of dyeing technology, the Wooden Engineered Flooring The decorative performance is more colorful.Indoor Floor suppliers website: