TYPES OF VIRTUAL ASSISTANTS, social media marketing, customer service, Blogging 

With businesses booming and online work becoming common, virtual assistants are becoming more popular day by day. They provide a wide range of services for various industries. With time management being the key priority, it is essential to divide work and prioritize tasks. This can easily be done by different types of virtual assistants. They undertake tasks from customer service, social media management, and planning and booking trips to accounting, digital marketing, preparing reports, and much more!

Here are a few types of virtual assistants and the tasks they take up that may help you satisfy your business needs

TYPES OF VIRTUAL ASSISTANTS, social media marketing, customer service, Blogging 

Customer service

These are some of the most commonly hired virtual assistants. They handle customer care issues and concerns. They may do so over calls, emails, or messages. They also respond to inquiries, handle refunds and set up new accounts.


They are responsible for business and personal administrative work such as scheduling appointments, planning and organizing the day, managing emails, preparing reports, and filing paperwork. They also provide services such as social media management and customer service to support executives to manage time


They are responsible for keeping records of the company. They generally help keep track of finances to save money and manage costs. They can work on individual clients or can work with multiple clients of the same organization simultaneously. 

Data Entry 

They execute multiple data entry tasks such as inputting large amounts of information into a database, entering or recording notes, updating calendars, forms, addresses, and even transcribing audio/visual recordings. 


They are responsible for keeping track of all items that are purchased or saved online. This helps track expenses, requirements, and offers. This also prevents impulsive buying and alerts clients about forgotten necessities. They further manage product lists and online shops/websites to help you save time. 

Real Estate

They are responsible for keeping the paperwork up to date, scheduling appointments, researching properties, showing them to clients, and calling up potential buyers/sellers. They also generate leads and improve relationships with clients.

Social media marketing 

They are responsible for managing the social media accounts of the client or the organization itself. They schedule, design, and write posts, manage what goes on which platform, manage comments and traffic and also analyze sales. They generally work remotely and keep all the social media channels updated. 


They are responsible for taking care of all the technical work that goes into blogging. They help you create high-quality content. They also help generate traffic for your site and boost your social media presence. 

Graphic designing

They are responsible for tasks such as logo creation, web page designing, website management, etc. They can help create and design posters, brochures, flyers, and advertisements using online programs and sites. They can also assist with website building or other complex tasks based on their level of skill.


They are responsible for managing computer-related tasks such as sending emails, managing documents, playing content, researching/browsing the internet, increasing the safety of the network, and much more. Some advanced virtual assistants (with the required skill set) might also assist with identifying hardware issues and fixing or repairing them. 

These are just a few broad categories and most virtual assistants may fall under more than one based on their skill and experience. However, as most tasks are simple yet time-consuming, it would be ideal to hire one or more virtual assistants, based on your business needs,  to take up required tasks and manage time efficiently.



Based on your necessities, hiring virtual assistants can fulfil all your administrative requirements. They don’t require long-term term commitments and provide flexible solutions. Make a to-do list and start outsourcing now.

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