10 questions you need to ask your exhibition booth contractor before constructing your exhibition booth.

If you are a new businessman or new in the field of exhibition and are planning to participate in an exhibition or trade show, then these questions will help you before finalising your exhibition stand contractor.


How experienced are you in the exhibition stand designing industry?

No matter whether you are a new participant or an experienced one in the exhibition, Every time you participate in an exhibition, there are tonnes of questions that come into your mind, especially when you are choosing your exhibition stand contractor. So when you choose your exhibition stand contractor, check on the experience of the company because this particularly applies to their experience in serving businesses that match your industry size and budget. While you come across several service providers who have experience of serving businesses of all sizes, it is best that you choose one that has expertise in your industry or area.


Has your company received any awards?

Before finalising your exhibition booth contractor, always ask about their achievements and awards because it will help you decide whether the contractor is good for you or not. Also, look them up on the internet as to whether they have extremely positive reviews or not.

Could you show me an example? 


Moving forward with an exhibition stand contractor without knowing what your exhibition stand will look like is a disaster. The best exhibition stand contractor in India and abroad will have a team of experienced industry experts as their booth designers, who know what makes for a high-impact and effective stand.


Can I visit my stand before the event?

It is important for you to keep track of the progress of your exhibition booth. While 3D mockups and graphic designs can give you an idea of how your stand will look, there is nothing more fascinating than seeing it in person and being blown away by your high-quality exhibition booth stand.


Can you help me arrange technology and refreshment on the exhibition day?

Before finalising your exhibition stand contractor, it is important to make sure that you know what is included. Does your exhibition stand hire include the audio and video tech such as TVs and microphones, or will you need to get them by yourself? And also don’t forget to ask about the refreshments too, as you already know that your staff will be on their feet all day, so they will appreciate your concern while having a cup of coffee to hand.


What kind of result can I expect from my exhibition stand?

As you know, no company makes guarantees, but you should ask your exhibition stand builder about the case study or success rate of their previous exhibition stall. Ask about footfall and engagement, and look specifically for similar stands in your industry. And if the product of your exhibition stand contractor shows a great result for a similar client like you, then it indicates that they understand your industry and your exhibition stand will be a hit.


Why should I hire you as my exhibition stand contractor?

Asking this question will help you to identify if the exhibition stand contractor has the ability and willpower to build a successful exhibition stand after understanding your budget and your business needs and requirements. If yes, then you should go and plan things with him for a successful exhibition.


Will you build my exhibition stand in your house?

Before you finalise your exhibition stand contractor, ask them if they will build your exhibition stand in house. Ask them if your exhibition is built by their team of experts in their production facility.


What happens if I have any questions during the process?

This is an important question to ask because hiring an exhibition stand contractor only to discover that all of your questions and concerns have gone unanswered will not change your confidence in the end result. When you pick Plus Exhibition, they assign a dedicated project manager to take charge of your exhibition stand. They’ll be available day and night to answer your questions.


Can you deliver the exact product in my time frame?

When asking this question, it’s important to also ask the others on this list to make sure your chosen provider can deliver a quality result—just because the entire process needs to be fast-tracked doesn’t mean that your contractor can cut corners. Make sure you know exactly what to expect in terms of your stand’s appearance and equipment.


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